Apple BKC: India’s first Apple Store, Reflecting a Year Later

Reflecting on a year ago today, on 18th April 2023, I made my way to the Apple Store BKC, marking the first anniversary of such a significant milestone in Apple’s journey in India. The excitement still feels fresh, prompting me to share my experience visiting what has now become a momentous location in Mumbai. It’s more than just being a fan of Apple, it’s about celebrating a connection with a global community, right here in my hometown.

Apple Store BKC, Mumbai

I remember arriving early, at about 10:20 AM, eager and excited. Outside the iconic glass facade of the Apple Store, a sizable crowd had already gathered, The energy in the crowd was contagious, and everyone was buzzing with anticipation. iPhone in hand, I took several photos of the scene, capturing the energy and excitement in the air. Little did I know, the best was yet to come.

As I joined the queue, at around 10:40 AM, I was near the large glass facade of the Apple Store where I could see Tim Cook addressing the staff and other guests who had gathered. The energy in the crowd was filled with cheers and claps, as there were cultural celebrations which added a Mumbai flavor to the event, People were buzzing with conversation, discussing Apple products and what they might be getting today. The atmosphere was charged with excitement as the opening time approached. Suddenly, the Apple staff began chanting “BKC” loudly, and soon the entire crowd joined in, their voices echoing through the line, a shared excitement for this momentous occasion.

And at 11 AM, just as the chanting reached its peak, the doors to the Apple BKC store were opened by Tim Cook and Deirdre O’Brien, welcoming everyone inside in phases. The energy in the crowd was electric as the moment they had been waiting for finally arrived. At around 11:40 AM, I finally got in with welcome greetings and enthusiasm.

The interior of the Apple Store BKC was a spectacle of modern design meshed with Indian style. I roamed the store, absorbing every detail from the latest iPhones to iPads, Macs, and AirPods, all displayed with the precision Apple is known for. The aesthetics of the store were truly remarkable; upbeat music, including “Can’t Keep Running” by Andy Bull, softly played in the background, enhancing the energetic atmosphere. I appreciated the abundance of natural light streaming through the store, accentuating the stunning aesthetics and showcasing the products on display. And, when it comes to design, Apple absolutely kills it! 

Ascending to the Mezzanine floor, I found myself at the Genius Bar, where knowledgeable Apple staff were ready to solve any tech queries thrown their way. This level also featured dedicated spaces for trying out AirPods and engaging with Apple Arcade and Apple Music Services, which were a hit with visitors.

One of the highlights of my visit was encountering YouTube personality, Technical Guruji, aka Gaurav Chaudhary. The store was buzzing with excitement, and then I spotted Technical Guruji! I was thrilled to meet him and take some pictures together. He seemed genuinely happy to chat with fans and take pictures. It was truly a memorable moment. While I missed a personal interaction with Tim Cook, meeting Gaurav amidst exploring the innovative expanses of the store was a thrill.

Before departing, I was pleasantly surprised to receive a tote bag (completely free of charge), commemorating the launch. Unlike the usual bag, this bag was crafted from 100% pure jute, embossed with the Apple Mumbai store logo and included a special Apple sticker, a thoughtful keepsake that beautifully concluded my visit.

I definitely regret missing the chance to meet Tim Cook but cherish every moment of that day. The design of the store, the people, the atmosphere—it was all distinctly Apple, yet uniquely Indian in its welcome and warmth.

A Side image of Apple Store BKC, Mumbai

And That was my visit to very first Apple Store in India. And how beautiful it was! Reflecting on this experience after a year, my heart is full of joy for every moment spent there.

Closing Thoughts:

The Apple BKC store is not just a place for purchasing gadgets; it is a landmark that offers an immersive experience to every visitor. Whether you are a local or planning a visit to Mumbai, this Apple store is a must-see destination that promises not just technology but a memorable experience that will linger long after you leave.

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